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Wood Moulding and Pine Boards

We stock a large selection of styles, all at competitive prices.  See the attachment for available in stock styles highlighted in yellow.  All other mouldings require a two week lead time.



In stock

Zamma Pre-finished moulding


Stocking colors: Imperal Oak, Natural Oak, Salem Oak, White, and Sandalwood


Colonial Base 94″ $8.15                                                                                                     Inside Corner 94″  $2.37

Ranch Base 94″  $5.77                                                                                                        Outside Corner 94″  $3.08

Casing 63″  $5.33                                                                                                                 Stop 94″  $2.63

Chair Rail 94″  $7.18                                                                                                           Batten 94″  $2.45

Crown 94″  $6.06


Zamma’s pre-finished mouldings for the home are an excellent choice over solid wood mouldings. Environmentally friendly due to the construction from MDF wrapped with the highest quality laminate papers, these mouldings are also more consistent in color, quality and size.

They will not warp or twist and they are available in many styles that will enhance the beauty of any home. Mouldings are available for ceilings, walls, windows, doors and floors.