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Q. When does the auction start?

     A. The auction starts at 8:30 AM and typically lasts till 4:00 in the afternoon.

Q. Is the auction held rain or shine?

     A. Yes, the auction is held rain or shine, so bring your boots or your sun umbrella   and make yourself comfortable.  

Q. What is an approved check?

     A. A check is an approved check when an individual registers for a bidder card  and provides a valid Pennsylvania Driver's License.

Q. Are auction items available for preview before auction day?

     A. Yes, individuals are able to preview items on Friday until dark and then again on Saturday from 7:30am till 8:30am.

Q. Is the sale bill listed a complete listing of all auction items?

     A. No, the sale bill is a list of what consigner's have said they will be bringing, minor changes may occur as well as the arrival of additional items.

Q.  Do you take phone bids or online bids?

      A.  No, because of the fast pace of our auctions all bids must be made in person during the live sale on sale day.

Q.  How many auctioneers are there?

     A.  Because of the large amount of material we see, we utilize 5 to 6 auctioneers.  This allows us to take breaks as needed and still maintain 3 to 4 auctioneers running simultaneously throughout the sale day.