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            LUXURY VINYL FLOORING             $1.69 SF

Our championship tough Featherweight® flooring is created with virgin vinyl - no regrind.  Featherweight® has a deluxe fiberglass reinforced core. This Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a snap to put together, leaving you time to enjoy its beauty. Featherweight® planks click easily together, providing a true floating floor-no messy glues. Suitable for ar
eas exposed to water, Featherweight® planks can be installed in bathrooms, entry ways, and other areas
exposed to moisture. Featherweight® has a natural wood look that brings a natural feel to areas previously left to hard surfaces. Not only is it beautiful, but the planks are soft and quiet underfoot. Featherweight® is easy to clean with mild soap and water. The 4MM thick boards have a .3MM wear layer with a fixed length of 36 inches, which provides strength and stability. The boards are sealed with a UV enhanced urethane coating. Each plank has excellent UV stability due to this technically advanced coating.
Cedar Ridge
Stone Oak